Get to know me

I’ve a passion for all forms of visual language. The way you can transmit ideas through pictures, videos or every pieces that can catch people eyes.
I find inspiration in pop culture, cinema, comics, tattoo, books, video games and science fiction.
I also love music, cats, geek stuffs, Japanese culture and food.

What I do

From traditional illustration to digital graphic design, I love to design pieces that make people discover new ideas, new worlds and make them have an exciting experience.
Behind these dreamy explanation of my approch of design there are specifics and down-to-earth roles that I’m involved in such as : art director, illustrator, graphic designer, web designer and front developer.


Apart from my personnal work, I do freelance missions as illustrator and graphic designer. When I’m not working on all of that, I’m mostly improving my dev skills learning more about programing.
I’ve also created a blog about illustration and geek culture called
And last but not least, I’m working on La Capsule. La Capsule is a monthly illustration box delivered directly to your door !